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Stone Face Productions, LLC offers a powerful marketing tool for real estate professionals looking to increase sales and attract new listings. Some of our clients include:

  1. Gallagher & Henry

  2. University Village

  3. Coldwell Banker

(Quicktime 7 is required to view the video.)

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Our video home tours feature the following:

  1. 2-3 minute professionally produced video promo

  2. engaging graphics and transitions

  3. original music track

  4. optional neighborhood highlights

  5. scripted narration and professional voice-over available

  6. high-end commercial production values

  7. low rates, quick turnaround

Use your video in a number of ways:

  1. embed the video on your website (we can help!)

  2. post it on YouTube for the world to see (we can help!)

  3. include a link to the video in all of your emails

  4. send out as a DVD playable in any standard DVD player

  5. store as a digital file on your laptop to show anyone, anytime!


professional Video tours and marketing tools

Take advantage of low introductory rates -

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